I am grateful to have this place to share information about what I do and what a blessing it has been to my family and clients. My work is the unique combination of my formal training in counseling and social work obtained at Columbia University and the gentle modality of Calyco Healing. This unique method of energy work is capable of clearing many issues in a single session in an easy, natural manner. I have had experience assisting clients with a wide variety of issues including depression, phobias, abuse, addictions, deep-seeded fears, financial concerns, infertility and a multitude of health issues. We allow our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious to limit our capability and when the negative is cleared out of the way, there is no limit to our incredible potential.

This powerful work will assist you in finding balance in your life. It will help you feel whole, find success and feel true happiness on a daily basis. Together we can improve your relationships, restore good health, overcome doubts and fears and integrate the self-confidence you have inside you. We can put an end to the negative chatter in your head and awaken your divine intuition. There is a peace that comes with being who you were meant to become. I look forward to the opportunity to assist in facilitating incredible changes in your life!