My mind, body and spirit have been thoroughly blessed and revitalized at times, as a result of my involvement with Calyco Healing, both as a recipient and facilitator of the power found in this work. It has been an incredible experience for me, as a practitioner of Calyco Healing, to be able to facilitate positive changes in others. Combining skills from my formal education, personal experience and my training in Calyco Healing, I am confident that I can assist you through your journey to becoming your best self.

My background in counseling and therapy includes a Master's degree in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work in New York City. I have had the opportunity to work with adults and children in both rural and urban settings who have suffered with personal issues ranging from health problems to financial and emotional difficulties. I am excited to add Calyco Healing to my repertoire as a method that bridges all gaps and is compatible with each person's body, mind and spirit.

I was first introduced to Calyco Healing as a result of infertility that my husband and I were experiencing. The shifting of our energy combined with our faith created medical miracles; miracles that resulted in our youngest son being conceived naturally without any medical assistance. Prior to being introduced to Calyco Healing my husband and I had been told by numerous medical experts that there was no possible way for us to conceive a child naturally, in fact because of this medical advice our first child was the result of invitro fertilization and our second by adoption. After applying the methods of Calyco Healing our bodies and spirits defied the sound medical judgment once received and our youngest son was conceived. He is now a happy and healthy one-year-old little boy.

I have worked in various settings with clients who have suffered with a variety of medical issues, reproductive and infertility challenges, financial burdens, emotional disorders, pain and heartache that accompany sexual identity confusion, aging concerns as well as the everyday demands that come from raising a family and working outside the home. Some of my experience working with children includes acting as an advisor at multiple day camps for children suffering with emotional disorders and all forms of abuse as well as counseling children in a Harlem public school on both an individual and group setting basis.

Based on my personal experience and formal education, I am keenly aware of the issues that plague our bodies, minds and spirits in this society and I am completely confident that each of us can live a healthy, happy life full of satisfaction, peace and light. I have seen amazing things come about because of my involvement with Calyco Healing and for this reason I dedicate my time and energy to it. I feel incredibly grateful and honored to be able to share my amazing experience and knowledge of Calyco Healing with you and to assist you in finding the relief, satisfaction, peace and light you deserve in your life and the lives of those around you.