A Holiday Gift!

This month is flying by as Christmas fast approaches.  While there is the potential for great joy and peace this time of year, there is a lot of heaviness surrounding the holidays for many and it is especially hard to wade through the festivities of the season when one’s heart feels so heavy.  I have experienced that Calyco can release the heaviness, make room for peace and calm the storms inside someone.  Because I believe completely in this work, I am giving away a Christmas present!  I am giving away one FREE private session (valued at $100) to one of you! 

To be eligible to win, you must email me answering one or all of the following questions:

  1.  How has Calyco blessed your life?  Share your experience with me!
  2. What topic appeals most to you when it comes to group calls?  Give me suggestions!
  3. What is the one issue you would have me clear for you if we were on the phone together right now?   Lay it out there… let’s get rid of it!


Send me an email answering any or all of the above questions and your name will be in the hat to win a FREE private session!  Answers must be in by Friday, December 18 at midnight.  If you are the lucky winner, you’re welcome to schedule the session for yourself or give it to someone else.  What a deal!

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Challenge: a month of gratitude

This month, I have challenged readers of my personal blog to list five things each day that they are grateful for.  I am impressed with how many are choosing to participate!  I would like to extend the challenge to you, as well.  Whether you blog about your blessings or record them in a more private manner, taking a moment each day to reflect on these things is so good for the soul. 

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…. It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”                               

    – Melodie Beattie

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Clearing homes and spaces

Group Session Nov. 18, 1:30 p.m. mountain time 

Our call will be focused on clearing homes and spaces.  There is a lot of energy circling around real estate right now and it can have a great affect on those spaces.  Join me in clearing the negative out of homes, offices, work places, investment properties and other places that are important to your family.  It’s easy to tell when you enter a space whether it’s got a good vibe or not.  Clearing the past negative experiences that have occurred there is easy and raising the vibration will make the space more appealing, marketable, comfortable and attractive.  Join me for this great call! 

To register, simply send an email to amberly.robinson@gmail.com .  Payment is accepted via check or paypal.

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self-worth call

Do you doubt your capabilities?

Do you flounder when considering who you are?

Do you feel a little “off-track?”

Join me for this great call!

We each have amazing potential to be and do great things.  False beliefs, self-doubt and generational issues leave us questioning our worth and capabilities.  Free yourself from these hindrances and take from this session new power and ease to soar and be who you were meant to be.

Shoot me an email if you’d like to participate and I’ll be sure you get the call-in information.  amberly@amberlyrobinson.com

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1:00 p.m. pacific time.

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a great community

I had a session this week with a fellow Calyco practitioner.  It’s an enormous blessing to have the ability to clear blocks for ourselves, but occasionally we find outselves stuck or just appreciate someone else’s insight.  My colleague described her energy shift below:

Only with experiencing the bitter do we appreciate the sweetness of life. My pregnancy has shifted! After ten weeks of miserable nausea and fatigue, I almost feel like myself again. Well…. a pregnant version of myself.

Why the shift? I sought help. As an energy coach, I can facilitate my own clearing, but with my own energy at an all-time low, this ability seemed inhibited. First, I prayed about it. Then, I found a fellow colleague who I felt impressed would be able to assist me. Her name is Amberly Robinson. After a session with Amberly yesterday morning, I felt a huge difference. In fact, I almost forgot I was pregnant. It helped to have an objective viewpoint–from someone outside of the storm, so to speak. 

I feel incredibly grateful for this experience and this personal trial. There were some life lessons that I needed. I was judging myself for my inability to think positively out of this physical discomfort. And I wasn’t staying hydrated spiritually and physically. For over a month I could only sip water. I consumed about 8 oz. a day. More water made me hurl. Similarly, I was only sipping at the true “fountain of living water”–my true source of peace.

 We share a cultural consciousness about pregnancy as struggle that hearkens all the way back to Eve. Yet it’s possible to release what no longer serves us. For me, this 1st-trimester blues served me for awhile. There were important lessons that I needed to learn.  But perhaps, once I learned it, I could let it go.  

I am grateful for Calyco and the abundant resources God puts me before me.

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I did some work for a client a few months ago after she and her husband had been struggling to conceive a child.  We had another session last night and she began by telling me that she was expecting!  I was completely thrilled.  I could sense her joy and relief and anticipation and I remember having those very feelings.  I was introduced to energy work and calyco healing because of our own journey through infertility and was completely and deeply grateful that this modality helped assist in creating a miracle.  So often we just have something minor stuck that is preventing conception and once the block has been cleared it is easy for our bodies to function in the manner that was intended. 

This is C’s experience after trying to conceive for a little over four years:

Since marrying a little later in life, N and I had high hopes of starting our family right after we got married.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen.  We tried tracking my ovulation and timing things just right.  After a few years of no success and several suggestions from friends and family, we went for testing at a local doctors office.  The results came back normal for me and fairly normal for N.  He had a few issues, but nothing the doctor thought should keep us from having kids.  Late last year year we filled out a profile for adoption thinking that and foster care was probably our only option.
Around this same time my mom had a session with Amberly and asked her to do some energy work for us.  Within a few months we found out we were pregnant!  I don’t know really know how energy sessions work, but I do know it is our Heavenly Father’s plan for us to have children.  We weren’t sure when or how that blessing was going to happen, but are so grateful it has.  We know He is in charge and trust Him completely.

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I had two great energy experiences this past weekend. We traveled to southern California for my husband to compete in a half-ironman triathlon. Besides the high energy of adrenaline and pride that surrounded him completing the race, the event as a whole had great energy present. The anticipation after intense preparation, the camaraderie between the athletes and the excited, supportive fans combined for an electric, uplifting environment. It is absolutely inspiring and motivating to see the human body pushed to the limits, to see people accomplish goals they had only dreamt about and to have the crowd come together to cheer on each athlete at each turn of the course. My soul was fed by the great energy that poured out from the combination of people present. I am grateful for D and his desire to do great things and for the opportunity to witness and benefit from them.

The last day of our trip, we took our kids to the beach to play before getting in the car for our ride home. We enjoyed the swings and playground and gradually made our way down to the water. It was a little chilly, but so refreshing to be there, next to the ocean and breath the fresh crisp air. The kids played in the sand and tiptoed into the water only to scramble back to shore laughing as the waves chased them onto the beach. Water, and the ocean in particular, holds a great energy for me. It is renewing and fills me up. The mountains do the same for my husband. I was so grateful for this morning, for the opportunity to spend a few hours together, uninterrupted as a family, playing on the beach being uplifted and breathing deep the salty air. We ended up wet and sandy, tired and happy and grateful for the experience. We finished our outing with a trip down to the harbor for lunch together before our trek back to reality. It was a wonderful day together, positive, uplifting and full of laughter.

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allergy elimination

I have had new thoughts lately on eliminating the allergies that plague us in this life. As I’ve cleared for myself and my family, I have discovered that it doesn’t need to be hard. Everything has a certain vibration, this is not new. The allergy comes into play when the vibration of something we encounter doesn’t resonate with our body’s vibration. We simply need to identify what is causing the reaction and do an integration to clear it. Sometimes it’s easy to identify and sometimes we don’t need to know all of the details. This is true of hay fever allergies, pollens, grasses, molds, dust, pets, medication and food… and anything else that our body resists or reacts negatively to. Having dealt with itchy, water eyes and a stuffy nose each spring growing up, this is a huge blessing to me. I can see that some of these allergies have been passed down genetically in my family as they show up in my boys. I’m grateful for this knowledge that allows me to assist in clearing them and save them the years of being miserable as a result.

If you have either occasional or persistant allergies that you’re ready to let go of, I would be happy to facilitate those changes. Here’s to enjoying spring and not needing to avoid the beautiful weather outside!

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turning baby nathan

I’m a blogger.  I have lots of blogging friends that I’ve never actually met in person, never spoken to on the phone and yet we’re friends just the same.  Can’t really explain it, it just works that way.  A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday I read a virtual friend’s post about how her baby (due any day) was flipped, head up under the ribs.  She was discouraged as her doctor said if the baby didn’t turn, they would do a c-section and scheduled it for the following Tuesday.  She was trying to come to terms with this and feel peace that whatever needed to be done to get her baby her safely would be ok.  As I read I knew this little guy could use a little help.  I subtly mentioned energy work and she jumped on it.  I did a little work for them Saturday evening and immediately got an email saying that during the same time I was clearing, her contractions had stopped, her baby was calm and she was full of peace about the situation.  Two days later she reported that the baby had turned and the next day they had cancelled her c-section and said the baby was head down and in perfect position for a natural delivery.  Little Nathan joined the world this week, everything going smoothly, both mom and baby healthy.  Things have turned out just how this sweet mama wanted them to.  I’m grateful energy work was able to play a factor in bringing peace to both this mother and her sweet little boy.

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clearing hay fever

The weather has been unbelievable here lately.  Sunday we had our windows open all afternoon letting the fresh air circulate through our house.  Out little guy C was in my room watching a movie after church and happened to be in a chair just next to an open window.  After spending an hour there, he started complaining of an itchy nose and his eyes were red and watery.  He kept rubbing both and I knew he was miserable.  I have suffered from hay fever for as long as I can remember and know how aggravating allergies can be.  I have a dear friend who practices energy work who had found success clearing allergies for her husband, so I told C we could try to do some energy for him.  He was all for it… he wanted the itchiness gone!  I found a list of common trees, grasses and pollens in our area and tested to see which C was reacting to.  After knowing which ones were affecting him, I was able to clear them easily for him.  He went to bed without any sign of allergies and we haven’t had them resurface again despite the time he’s been spending outside.  I’m grateful for resources that help to make my children’s life more comfortable.

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