group call: healthy body and weight loss

Everyone knows that taking care of our bodies is essential to be fit and healthy, but most of the time, the physical ailments and weight we suffer with is simply a reflection of something going on inside. I’m sure you are all familiar with someone who has worked very hard to lose weight or overcome a particular health problem only to have it return again. You can diet and exercise like crazy, but if the negative core beliefs are not changed, it is very hard to maintain your positive results.

In our one-hour session we will cover the reasons why, on a subconscious level, people don’t feel safe or worthy to lose weight and have a healthy, fit body. We will release the negative chatter, generational patterns of poor health and habits, and past negative experiences with weight and poor health. We will replace this with new, positive affirmations and balance your body systems so that you’re functioning at optimum level.

We are all here to do great things and our physical body can be a great asset or a great hinderance depending on how well it is functioning for us. This is by no means a replacement for treating your body well, for exercising or eating the foods that are good for your body, but it is a great tool to clear the stuff holding you back from having the healthy, fit body Heavenly Father intended for you.

Time: Tuesday, March 31, 2009
6:30 pm Pacific
7:30 pm Mountain
8:30 pm Central
9:30 pm Eastern

To register for the call, just send me an email expressing your interest and you’ll receive payment and call-in information shortly. It’s only $25 and if you have a specific health concern for you or someone close to you that you’d like to be sure we cover on the call, just sent a quick email letting me know and I’ll be sure we get it in there. As always, let me know if you’ve got any questions! To learn more about group sessions or energy work in general, visit Join us for this 1 hour session – You’ll be so glad you did!

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my thoughts on affirmations

I am a firm believer in positive affirmations, I believe they have great potential to be a powerful influence in our lives.  I do not, however, believe that they need to be written all over our bathroom mirrors or repeated out loud for 30 days  in order to become part of our lives.   Once the energy of the affirmation has been integrated, it is a part of us.  We believe it on a subconscious level, if not consciously.  It is one of the many advantages of the Calyco Healing modality.  The intregration process used is quick and easy and very powerful.  It immediately shifts our energy to either allow for something to be “plugged in,” or released.   I use affirmations all the time in my work, in many different situations.  I use them in my home and with my children  and have seen amazing things shift because of the integration of a positive belief taking the place of a negative one.

Affirmations are more powerful if they are tailored to you, specifically.  It is so fun to come up with new ones in each session depending on what each client needs.  Affirmations can be created from any positive influence in our lives and affect each aspect.  They can be used to increase the vibration of any situation imaginable… weight loss, specific health issues, financial situations,   business issues, parenting, childhood and so much more!  Let me know if you’d like some created especially for you.

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