group call, aug. 26

Happy August!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic summer and that things are going smoothly for you.  I have had our next group session on my calendar for a while and but have been unsure as to what our topic should be.  After the last week or so of emails from you, it’s finally clear! 

Next Wednesday, August 26 at 1:30 p.m., we’ll be clearing issues for our and regarding our children.  I’m leaving the specifics up to what the needs of the group are, but here are a few notes from this week:

- J. is not a happy baby.  The kid cries/whines most of the time he is awake.  And it is REALLY hard to live with all day long, day in and day out.  I feel like it’s gotten worse as he’s gotten older when I would expect it to gradually be getting better with age.  He is getting teeth and maybe I’ve just never had such a miserable teether, but I’m about at my whits end.  And really I just don’t see how teeth alone can cause this constant discontent.

- I feel B. needs more comfort, like you had talked about recently how some babies don’t make the transition to earth and cold and lights very smoothly ie colicky crying when “all” needs are met. I remembered you said that, but I forgot what to do. She doesn’t cry all the time, but just every once in awhile and for awhile. She also likes to non-nutritive suck.

- We’re going through some stress with our 16-year-old son getting ready to move in with us.  He’s a good kid, and we’re excited to have him with us.  His mom, however, is really not on board with it and is being a negative influence on our 14-year-old.  He just spent a lovely three weeks with us, but he went home and just heard his mom’s side of the story and now he’s all mad at his dad and doesn’t think he ever wants to come and visit us again.  Some of that is just being a 14-year-old boy, but we’re really sad that he was so upset with his dad and quite rude to him.

- He just won’t eat.  anything.  well, he’ll snack, but refuses to eat anything at mealtime.  I don’t want to resort to bribing him every time he needs to eat, but it’s to the point that he’s going to bed hungry all the time. 

- P. was so excited to start school and loved her first week, but we’ve had tears the past few days and it’s getting increasingly worse, both for her and for me.  I don’t want getting ready in the morning and dropping her off every day to be such a struggle in our home. 

- now that he’s not living with us anymore, I worry that he’s not taking great care of himself.  I know he’s old enough to be on his own, but I don’t know if he’s sleeping or eating well.  Maybe it’s me that needs the work done so I can relax and trust him!


See?!  It’s time to clear all the negative stuff out of the way for our kids!!  A few things I know we’ll be covering is grounding new babies and opening opportunities for our school-age children to attract friendships that are right for them this year.  There are a few health issues and allergies I’m aware of that we’ll clear, but the rest is up to you!  Let me know what you’re concerns and are we’ll go from there.

One question I’ve had regarding doing sessions that involve children is how they participate.  They do not have to be on the line.  We simply do a dedication to them- they’re welcome to be at school, playing or asleep and the energy will clear for them just the same.  To read more about dedications, you may visit… Speaking of which, my new site is almost done and I’m so excited to share it with you!

It’s $25 to participate in the group session, although for the next while, if you register for a private session, you’re welcome to participate in a group call free of charge. 

I’m really looking forward to this call, clearing negative energy in our homes and replacing it with light allows peace and harmony to fill our families.  I hope you’ll join us!

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allergy elimination

I have had new thoughts lately on eliminating the allergies that plague us in this life. As I’ve cleared for myself and my family, I have discovered that it doesn’t need to be hard. Everything has a certain vibration, this is not new. The allergy comes into play when the vibration of something we encounter doesn’t resonate with our body’s vibration. We simply need to identify what is causing the reaction and do an integration to clear it. Sometimes it’s easy to identify and sometimes we don’t need to know all of the details. This is true of hay fever allergies, pollens, grasses, molds, dust, pets, medication and food… and anything else that our body resists or reacts negatively to. Having dealt with itchy, water eyes and a stuffy nose each spring growing up, this is a huge blessing to me. I can see that some of these allergies have been passed down genetically in my family as they show up in my boys. I’m grateful for this knowledge that allows me to assist in clearing them and save them the years of being miserable as a result.

If you have either occasional or persistant allergies that you’re ready to let go of, I would be happy to facilitate those changes. Here’s to enjoying spring and not needing to avoid the beautiful weather outside!

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clearing hay fever

The weather has been unbelievable here lately.  Sunday we had our windows open all afternoon letting the fresh air circulate through our house.  Out little guy C was in my room watching a movie after church and happened to be in a chair just next to an open window.  After spending an hour there, he started complaining of an itchy nose and his eyes were red and watery.  He kept rubbing both and I knew he was miserable.  I have suffered from hay fever for as long as I can remember and know how aggravating allergies can be.  I have a dear friend who practices energy work who had found success clearing allergies for her husband, so I told C we could try to do some energy for him.  He was all for it… he wanted the itchiness gone!  I found a list of common trees, grasses and pollens in our area and tested to see which C was reacting to.  After knowing which ones were affecting him, I was able to clear them easily for him.  He went to bed without any sign of allergies and we haven’t had them resurface again despite the time he’s been spending outside.  I’m grateful for resources that help to make my children’s life more comfortable.

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