I had two great energy experiences this past weekend. We traveled to southern California for my husband to compete in a half-ironman triathlon. Besides the high energy of adrenaline and pride that surrounded him completing the race, the event as a whole had great energy present. The anticipation after intense preparation, the camaraderie between the athletes and the excited, supportive fans combined for an electric, uplifting environment. It is absolutely inspiring and motivating to see the human body pushed to the limits, to see people accomplish goals they had only dreamt about and to have the crowd come together to cheer on each athlete at each turn of the course. My soul was fed by the great energy that poured out from the combination of people present. I am grateful for D and his desire to do great things and for the opportunity to witness and benefit from them.

The last day of our trip, we took our kids to the beach to play before getting in the car for our ride home. We enjoyed the swings and playground and gradually made our way down to the water. It was a little chilly, but so refreshing to be there, next to the ocean and breath the fresh crisp air. The kids played in the sand and tiptoed into the water only to scramble back to shore laughing as the waves chased them onto the beach. Water, and the ocean in particular, holds a great energy for me. It is renewing and fills me up. The mountains do the same for my husband. I was so grateful for this morning, for the opportunity to spend a few hours together, uninterrupted as a family, playing on the beach being uplifted and breathing deep the salty air. We ended up wet and sandy, tired and happy and grateful for the experience. We finished our outing with a trip down to the harbor for lunch together before our trek back to reality. It was a wonderful day together, positive, uplifting and full of laughter.

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