Calyco Healing is a gentle powerful method of healing that clears negative emotions held at all levels in an easy, noninvasive and graceful manner. It was created by combining many different healing techniques, personal insights from working with thousands of clients, and most importantly, with a great amount of Heavenly help that is a part of all true healing work. Calyco works to release any and all burdens and negative blocks in our system from traumatic childhood experiences to the everyday stresses we experience that overwhelm our emotional channels. It is simple, proven and effective!

Our energy systems work much like our circulatory system. We have veins and arteries that allow our blood to flow freely through our body, to keep it circulating through our system for our highest good. If we were to acquire a clot or blockage of some kind, the entire system is hindered in its ability to process our blood freely through the proper channels and a small clot could potentially be a big problem. Our energy systems function the same way. We have circuits and channels through which our energy runs and when something gets stuck in those channels, it throws everything off until it is cleared. That's what Calyco Healing does; it clears those negative blocks we have stuck so we are free to be our best selves.

During a 50-minute session, Calyco Healing is capable of clearing many issues, not just one or two, in an easy, natural way. Calyco tunes in with all 8 Energy Systems of the body as opposed to other energy therapy modalities that focus only on chakras, auras or meridians.

Energy is not limited by time or distance and therefore, this work is just as powerful and effective whether I'm working with someone one on one or speaking to them on the telephone. Many of my clients do not live in close proximity to me and yet feel an immediate shift in energy as we work together over the phone. When doing phone sessions, I simply muscle-test on myself to get the feedback from the client's energy and perform the integration on myself on their behalf as well.

I feel very blessed to be able to do this work and love seeing other's lives change as a result of its power. Personally, I and my family have benefitted immensely from Calyco Healing. I have seen miracles come about when thought processes are changed to let the spirit and light work in our lives. There is not an issue in existence that can not be treated or improved with Calyco Healing. I believe with all my heart that our Heavenly Father desires true and lasting happiness for us and that we are capable of doing amazing things. We allow our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious to limit our capability and when the negative is cleared out of the way, there is no limit to our incredible potential.