One of the unique and extremely powerful features of Calyco Healing is generational work. We are composed of genetic DNA that is passed on through our ancestral lines. Both physical characteristics such as our hair color, our skin color or the way we walk and emotional issues including depression, phobias, abuse, addictions, deep-seeded fears, financial issues and poor health are encoded in our family lineage. Often times we are frustrated with an issue and wonder why it triggers us so much. Sometimes it's not even our issue! If we have an ancestor who went through trauma or had a particular negative belief pattern, we inherited that emotional tendency and when presented with certain situations it seems to be magnified for us. These are issues we no longer need to carry with us.

When we clear these issues, it clears for all others in our lineage from the origin of the belief or experience down to us, and also all posterity in the same blood line. This is very powerful as you are releasing these burdens and negative patterns from many people, both living and deceased.