Calyco Healing will assist you in finding balance in your life. It will help you feel whole, find success and feel true happiness on a daily basis. Together we can improve your relationships, restore good health, overcome doubts and fears and integrate the self-confidence you have inside you. We can put an end to the negative chatter in your head and awaken your divine intuition. There is a peace that comes with being who you were meant to become.

This work will rebalance the energy systems of your body to release the negative thought patterns and blocked emotional energy and replace it with positive vibrational energies that will assist you in attracting the things you desire in your life.

Energy clearing and therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length and occur over the telephone. They should be scheduled during a time when you are able to relax and give your full attention to our session. Some changes within you and those we are working on will be noticed immediately and some gradually. Through this work, you will be on your way to a peaceful, more joyful self...I look forward to working with you!

You may schedule a session by contacting Amberly by email at or by phone at 602.541.0129