"Calyco healing breaks down barriers to help me help myself become a better person. After a session, I feel like there aren't so many things chaining me to my bad habits. I feel more free to choose to act or react the way I've always wanted to.

I have noticed a tremendous help with my extended family due to generational work. I am so amazed at me doing nothing different for my extended family but them suddenly being or doing things they never were willing to do before, good things. I love healing myself and I feel a special love for my extended family because it is helping them too.

I am thankful for how much Amberly cares about helping others. She is always willing to answer my questions about Calyco and to work with the specific needs that I have for a session."

-anon, California

Only with experiencing the bitter do we appreciate the sweetness of life. My pregnancy has shifted! After ten weeks of miserable nausea and fatigue, I almost feel like myself again. Well.... a pregnant version of myself.

Why the shift? I sought help. As an energy coach, I can facilitate my own clearing, but with my own energy at an all-time low, this ability seemed inhibited. First, I prayed about it. Then, I found a fellow colleague who I felt impressed would be able to assist me. Her name is Amberly Robinson. After a session with Amberly yesterday morning, I felt a huge difference. In fact, I almost forgot I was pregnant. It helped to have an objective viewpoint--from someone outside of the storm, so to speak.

I feel incredibly grateful for this experience and this personal trial. There were some life lessons that I needed. I was judging myself for my inability to think positively out of this physical discomfort.

We share a cultural consciousness about pregnancy as struggle that hearkens all the way back to Eve. Yet it's possible to release what no longer serves us. For me, this 1st-trimester blues served me for awhile. There were important lessons that I needed to learn. But perhaps, once I learned it, I could let it go.

I am grateful for Calyco and the abundant resources God puts me before me.

- Tera M., Minnesota

Since marrying a little later in life, Nathan and I had high hopes of starting our family right after we got married. Unfortunately that didn't happen. We tried tracking my ovulation and timing things just right. After a few years of no success and several suggestions from friends and family, we went for testing at a local doctors office. The results came back normal for me and fairly normal for Nathan. He had a few issues, but nothing the doctor thought should keep us from having kids. Late last year year we filled out a profile for adoption thinking that and foster care was probably our only option.

Around this same time my mom had a session with Amberly and asked her to do some energy work for us. Within a few months we found out we were pregnant! I don't know really know how energy sessions work, but I do know it is our Heavenly Father's plan for us to have children. We weren't sure when or how that blessing was going to happen, but are so grateful it has. We know He is in charge and trust Him completely.

- Cathy F., Idaho

Our first session had a huge impact on my experience delivering twins! I was anxious throughout my pregnancy that I would end up having both a vaginal delivery and a c-section and then have to heal from surgery and adjust to two newborns all at once. Your suggestions and therapy made a world of difference in terms of how I thought about the delivery and what our family needed to focus on. I was feeling low being on bed rest and couldn't quite imagine how to help myself. In the end, just 4 days shy of birth, our little breach baby girl decided to flip around and both babies were delivered naturally without any complications. I immediately thought of our session and breathed a huge sigh of relief and gratitude.

-Jaime R., New York

Our time together proved to be just what I had been searching for. It was a way to reconnect to my own energy. The distinct shift in my disposition is unmistakable. Where there was fear and uncertainty there is more hope and purpose. Thank you.

- Kari Y., North Carolina

I loved my energy session with you! I found it to be enlightening & uplifting...taking me to a higher operating level. It has had long lasting effects on my outlook on life & the power of energy. I realized I can be operating on a much higher sphere, and I like it there better.

-Amy G., Mesa, Arizona

I do not fully understand how energy therapy works, but I know it does! I've lived with a constant ache in my knee until our work together. It would come and go with the weather and I didn't believe I would ever live pain-free again. My knee feels wonderful, I am able to sleep comfortably and just this weekend I walked up a large flight of stairs without any pain. I look forward to our next session, thank you!

- Delores R., Utah

I was introduced to Amberly through a family member. She told me recently about her experience and how she had felt a release, a physical change when some negative energy had been cleared. My husband and I are "out of the box" in the way we approach life, and in our way of thinking, so we were open to the idea immediately. The law of attraction and the power of positive thinking is a huge part of who we are. Not only is this a release of negative energy, but replaces it with vitality and strength. I, also, felt a physical change at a point in our conversation. We discussed some issues my kids were struggling with, and the energy that was weak, matched identically to the issues they were having. By the end of our conversation, I was breathing calmly. I have no doubt that Amberly, with her training, can help people like you and I. I also know she is led by the spirit and that God wants us to be happy, energetic and full of light.

-Annie H., Riverton, Utah

Thank you for helping me become the person God intended. I can feel energy moving through my body already.

- Nona H., Meridian, Idaho

If you have had a great experience in a session with me and don't mind sharing, let me know!